This statement is a guide to the accessibility to our caravan holiday home.  For further clarification please ring Lesley or Robert.

  • The drive down is of tarmac chippings and the car parking area is of chippings and is against the caravan door.
  • The caravan is accessed by three stone steps each one 18cm (7’’) high, 58cm (28’’) deep and are 89cm (35’’) wide. There is no hand rail provided.

  • The caravan door opens outwards and is 69cm (27’’) wide and leads into a small passage way. There is a small 4cm (1.5’’) bead across the door.

  • The internals doors are around 52cm (20.5’’) wide leading to bedrooms and bathroom.

  • The double bed is 61cm (24’’) high and the larger width between the wall and the bed is 63cm (25’’).

  • The toilet is 40cm (16.5’’) high with the toilet seat down.

  • Light switches are 117cm (46’’) from the floor and cooker and benches are as standard.

  • Access to the balcony area is via a 70cm (27.5’’) wide door with a 4cm (1.5’’) beading across. There is a 15cm (6’’) step down onto the balcony area.

Welcome to Patton Hall Farm Caravan Park

About Us

Patton Hall Farm Caravans is a beautiful, quiet and relaxed static caravan site on a working sheep farm on the outskirts of Kendal, Cumbria with breathtaking views.

Physical Address

Patton Hall Farm
Patton, Kendal


Tel :       01539 721590
Lesley:  07837 930144
Robert:  07817 662305